My Work


As the video editor on "The Drum Dances," I worked closely with the director and choreographer Lincoln Jones to create a film that was energetic, beautiful, and rhythmically motivated while maintaining the authenticity of the dancer's movements. 

Jam in the Van

During my time as an intern at Los Angeles based YouTube channel Jam in the Van, I edited live music video sessions and branded content. For sponsorship promos, we mixed the live music footage with sponsorship footage to create quick and concise videos. Here is an example of a promo that I edited. 


A short fantasy film directed by Vito Scutti, "Luminary" featured the characters traversing dimensions and being pursued by a dark voice that is constantly tormenting them. As the video editor and sound designer, I experimented with ways to seamlessly and suddenly take the characters into new dimensions as well as impose the threatening voice of darkness on them. 

"Total Darkness"

My role on "Total Darkness," was to complete the sound mix and master. A sci-fi thriller short directed by Dylan Gallimore, this film challenged me to combine quiet, melancholy dialogue and sound design with a high concept sci-fi contraption, creating a unique and unsettling soundspace for audiences to get drawn into.